Workshop med Govind Radhakrishnan 7-8 november

Govind Radhakrishnan kommer tillbaka till oss 7-8 november för härlig yogaundervisning! På fredagen har vi shalan öppen för te och yogaprat och lördagsmorgonen bjuder pranayama & mantraklass följt av en helt fantastisk workshop om Koshas.

Lördag 7/11

08.00-10.00 – Pranayama och Mantraklass, 300 kr. Boka här!

11.00-16.00 Koshas workshop, 495 kr. Boka här!

Heldag 650 kr.

På söndagen 8/11 finns det möjlighet att träffa Govind för personlig Ayurvedisk yogakonsultation. Det finns tider mellan kl 09.00-18.30. Boka här!


Meditation with mantras has been the key to awaken inner spiritual wisdom for thousands of years in India.  Mantra meditation is a meditation technique that helps you to maintain focus in meditation and go deeper into the state of meditation. 

In this class you will learn to use a universal meditation mantra both in group chanting and with individual inner repetition. You will be introduced to the ancient theory behind mantras, how to use them and why the meditation mala is a unique tool to train and strengthen your meditation praxis. There will be a longer mantra meditation where you will explore how you can use sound to magnify your inner vibration. You will learn and apply breathing techniques and the use of japa mala and simple mudras. The class is held in easily understandable English. 


Experience an in-depth workshop on the healing transformation of asanas.  According to ancient yoga philosophy, the art of yoga is a movement towards the highest layer of consciousness, a blissful state of enlightened oneness. This state is within all human beings but in order to reach a glimpse of it, we work through five layers (koshas): The physical layer (asanas),the energy layer (pranayama), the psychological layer (mind), the layer of inner wisdom (wisdom beyond the mind) and finally the Universal Self (the egoless state). During intense and dedicated yoga & meditation practice you may have experienced different layers on your yoga journey. 

With this workshop Govind aims to help you to step further on your personal yoga journey, further than the physical layer of asanas and the mental layer of meditation. With the insight of the five koshas, you will gain awareness of the different layers of yoga and meditation experience in your own practice. You will also learn more about how human beings can move in between the layers with healing, telepathy and the like – and how this may relate to the ego-layer and the journey towards Self Realization.   

The workshop is held in easily understandable English and is for everybody who are curious on a deeper approach to Ayurveda and yoga.  

Overview of the workshop: 

Theory and practical exercises/asanas


Practical exercises/asanas + applying the theory